Leaving a Narcissist Before the Discard



This video is about leaving the narcissist or other manipulator before the discard. I’ll show you text messages from my personal life because it might remind you of your own life situation. I'll show you what happens when you take away the supply and how to respond to their attempts to keep you in contact by confusing you and turning things around on you. You'll also see how important it is to leave as soon as you see the subtle manipulation pattern.

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NOTE: I am not a therapist or counselor — I am a holistic integration coach, helping you to self-heal after abuse and transform your life. I work with a mind-body-spirit approach to wellness that is a valuable complement to traditional psychotherapy. I do recommend that you also seek out a therapist who has experience with narcissistic abuse and understands these dynamics extensively in order to help you with the PTSD/C-PTSD, especially in the early stages of recovery. Thank you for taking responsibility for yourself!

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