We tested Lynx's Smart Grill with the most incompetent cook we could find



Ever burnt something on the grill because you got distracted, or just forgot to flip it at the right time? Or maybe your grilled chicken came out beautifully seared on the outside, but pink with potentially salmonella-riddled flesh inside? Cooking over an open flame may seem caveman-simple, but in reality, it's serious business. Do it right, and the results can be both gorgeous and delicious. Do it wrong, though, and your food will be disappointing at best, or, worse, straight-up dangerous. But now the folks at Lynx Grills have a solution that promises to take all the guesswork out of grilling ... and then some.

The Lynx Smart Grill is designed to walk you through any meal from start to finish. It connects to your mobile device, talks to you, and can access a huge database of grilling recipes. But that's just the beginning. Check out our video, where we cook a meal using what we think ought to be called the Genius Grill. It's something that must be seen to be appreciated.

[Editor's note: We would like to thank Drew Prindle, who is actually quite competent at the grill, for his spirit of sportsmanship]