Preview of my 2015-16 Plum Paper Large Teacher Lesson Planner



This video is an in-depth look of Plum Paper Planner's NEW 8.5x11" Teacher Lesson Planner. It compares parts of the planner to the Erin Condren Teacher Lesson Planner. BOTH EC and PPP Teacher Lesson Planners include:
* Monthly calendars
* Weekly lesson planning pages
* Notes pages
* Checklist pages
* Year at a glance pages
* Password sections
* Student birthday pages
* Volunteer information sections
* Holiday dates
* And a two-sided pocket folder

The Erin Condren planner includes an absentee log, graph paper, built-in stickers, and one plastic page protector. The Plum Paper Planner includes student contact, student health information, classroom expense, professional development, behavior log, and parent communication pages. The EC planner can have additional checklist pages or page protectors added in for a small fee; the PPP can have additional notes, checklist, or to-do pages added in for a small fee.

The Plum Paper Large Teacher Lesson Planner does weigh more than the Erin Condren Teacher Lesson Planner (approximately 2 lb 12 oz vs. 2 lb 8 oz). The pages in the EC planner are easier to decorate with washi, whereas the pages in the PPP planner may tear when re-positioning the tape.

If you are interested in purchasing a Plum Paper Teacher Planner, you can find their Etsy store here: They sell both a large (8.5x11") version and a small (7.5x9") version.

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