Tablet PC A13 Cortex A8 Android( Firmware )



Not 1 video on how to install the firmware so I decided to upload 1.

This is for those that are stuck on the Android boot logo and need to re install the firmware to get the tablet back to life.

This is the easy instruction on how to re install the firmware on you tablet.
It took me mounts to get this from the China seller so any donation will help.
Go to my channel make a small donation to help developing a new version.

Right now I am still testing new firmware so far I got it working Wifi fixed, touch fixed and it will have Samsung logo on it. I will post the download link here as soon as I thoroughly test it to make sure everything is working right.

Firmware Link:
This firmware is verified to have Root Access

New Firmware update with new boot logo and much more.

Also get your LiveSuitePack here: